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FAILed by the culture

A sister messaged us to share her story about being a victim of sexual abuse and rape in a Pakistani-Muslim household. This extract explores her story, how she has coped and advice to fellow victims. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.  He forced his hands onto me, one hand crawling up my shirt, the other pushing me down onto my bed. God that force felt … Continue reading FAILed by the culture

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Why can’t I just have sex?

By Sainabou Hydara  Anyone who spends more than two minutes engaging with Muslim Twitter is more than well aware that the main topic of conversation at any given times is relationships. Most often than not the general conversation is revolving marriage, how to find a husband and or/ how to operate within said marriage…of course throw in a couple of hypothetical scenarios about being slapped … Continue reading Why can’t I just have sex?

Muslim Women in the Era of #MeToo

by Furqan Mohamed Honour. That, unfortunately, is what it all comes down to. Rape culture perpetuates the idea that whatever a woman has done to her, is her fault and it is shameful. Harmful societal constructs encourage the thinking that a woman, if harassed, 1) brought it on herself, 2) should have done something to prevent her assault/abuse 3) she should protect her and her … Continue reading Muslim Women in the Era of #MeToo