Steps to Self Love With Zakia

Thank you to all who attended Steps to Self-Love with Zakia! The workshop was beautiful, honest and very much needed. At the start of the event, we discussed what self-love meant to everyone. A major recurring theme was that today’s society often forces us to judge ourselves and compare our journeys to that of others, which can impact the way we view ourselves and can determine … Continue reading Steps to Self Love With Zakia


A WORKSHOP ON MINDFULNESS, REFLECTION AND HEALING TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR SOUL Join Zakia, founder of Soul and Spirit Clothing, as she leads a wellbeing workshop in a safe space. Bring yourself and join us for discussions on self love and reflection, meditation, and a healing writing session. Book your tickets now: Inkwell Arts is a creative space for positive mental health. You can … Continue reading EVENT: STEPS TO SELF LOVE

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FAILed by the culture

A sister messaged us to share her story about being a victim of sexual abuse and rape in a Pakistani-Muslim household. This extract explores her story, how she has coped and advice to fellow victims. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.  He forced his hands onto me, one hand crawling up my shirt, the other pushing me down onto my bed. God that force felt … Continue reading FAILed by the culture

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Why can’t I just have sex?

By Sainabou Hydara  Anyone who spends more than two minutes engaging with Muslim Twitter is more than well aware that the main topic of conversation at any given times is relationships. Most often than not the general conversation is revolving marriage, how to find a husband and or/ how to operate within said marriage…of course throw in a couple of hypothetical scenarios about being slapped … Continue reading Why can’t I just have sex?

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Lessons In Art

I recently stumbled across Hawwa’s Instagram page and I instantly fell in love with her photography, illustrations and the messages behind her art. I wanted to learn more about the woman behind the work and get some insight into her techniques. She describes herself as an ‘amateur’, hard to believe when you look at her work, but her self-deprecating humour makes her all the more endearing… Continue reading Lessons In Art

Nilupa Yasmin: Grow Me A Waterlily

Nilupa Yasmin’s work is primarily lens based, while taking a keen interest in the notion of culture, self-identity and anthropology. Combined with her love for handcraft and photographic explorations, the artist repeatedly draws upon her own South Asian culture and heritage. The practice of weaving, passed down through inheritance, has become an integral exploration in the development and expression of human value. Her research examines … Continue reading Nilupa Yasmin: Grow Me A Waterlily