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Black Artist Grant!✨

✨ANNOUNCEMENT! ✨ We’re excited to reveal that Halcyon is a selector for The Black Artists Grant for the next three months! We’ve teamed up with @creativedebuts for this amazing opportunity!  The Black Artists Grant is £2,000 each month which will be split between four different Black creatives in the UK, receiving £500 each.  If you would like to flag your work to us and put … Continue reading Black Artist Grant!✨

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A Muslim Girl’s Journey to Being Active  

by Aleesha Choudhry Growing up I never considered myself to be a sporty person or someone who worked out, I only ever did home workouts just to get “thin” and never to get healthy or make my body stronger. I started taking going to the gym seriously when I saw my mother get ill. Going to the gym regularly was a real eye-opener for me … Continue reading A Muslim Girl’s Journey to Being Active  

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Biryani’s Love for Jollof

by Samrah Chand Akhtar I looked into Khalid’s warm, kind calm brown eyes and my heart was pounding as we exchanged our sacred vows during our Nikah, I became overwhelmed with a new found rush of respect, love and excitement, “I accept to marry you, according to the book of Allah, the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”, our promises to one another, … Continue reading Biryani’s Love for Jollof

Steps to Self Love With Zakia

Thank you to all who attended Steps to Self-Love with Zakia! The workshop was beautiful, honest and very much needed. At the start of the event, we discussed what self-love meant to everyone. A major recurring theme was that today’s society often forces us to judge ourselves and compare our journeys to that of others, which can impact the way we view ourselves and can determine … Continue reading Steps to Self Love With Zakia


A WORKSHOP ON MINDFULNESS, REFLECTION AND HEALING TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR SOUL Join Zakia, founder of Soul and Spirit Clothing, as she leads a wellbeing workshop in a safe space. Bring yourself and join us for discussions on self love and reflection, meditation, and a healing writing session. Book your tickets now: Inkwell Arts is a creative space for positive mental health. You can … Continue reading EVENT: STEPS TO SELF LOVE

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Why can’t I just have sex?

By Sainabou Hydara  Anyone who spends more than two minutes engaging with Muslim Twitter is more than well aware that the main topic of conversation at any given times is relationships. Most often than not the general conversation is revolving marriage, how to find a husband and or/ how to operate within said marriage…of course throw in a couple of hypothetical scenarios about being slapped … Continue reading Why can’t I just have sex?