by Mayran Osman Hamda Issa-Salwe is the sales and creative coordinator at Bravado by day and a freelance music journalist at night. At Bravado she focuses on bringing in and creating special projects for UK rap and grime artists to appeal to urban consumers. In addition, her freelancing gig as a journalist has allowed her to interview celebrities such as Michael Dapaah, Charlie Sloth, and … Continue reading IN CONVERSATION WITH HAMDA ISSA-SALWE

Muslim Women in the Era of #MeToo

by Furqan Mohamed Honour. That, unfortunately, is what it all comes down to. Rape culture perpetuates the idea that whatever a woman has done to her, is her fault and it is shameful. Harmful societal constructs encourage the thinking that a woman, if harassed, 1) brought it on herself, 2) should have done something to prevent her assault/abuse 3) she should protect her and her … Continue reading Muslim Women in the Era of #MeToo