Black Artist Grant!✨


We’re excited to reveal that Halcyon is a selector for The Black Artists Grant for the next three months! We’ve teamed up with @creativedebuts for this amazing opportunity! 

The Black Artists Grant is £2,000 each month which will be split between four different Black creatives in the UK, receiving £500 each. 

If you would like to flag your work to us and put yourself forward, please send an email to 

It would be helpful if your email could contain your name, contact information and some images of what you make or do – that might be via attachments, or a link to a website or other online portfolio (this can be Instagram for example, whatever you have available). 

The BAG is no-strings attached financial support to help the selected creatives in whatever they want – be that make new work, buy equipment or materials, travel, research, visit exhibitions or conferences, or to even just cover some life expenses. This is specifically for Black artists; not politically black, not POC or BAME. There is no deadline, no age limit, and the grant does not expect any outcomes or reporting.

This is a fantastic opportunity for up and coming Black creatives as the arts are a cornerstone of society which need better representation across the board. Black creatives need room to create without the financial, institutional and societal barriers that they face. Grants are a small step towards correcting the financial aspects of these challenges. Therefore we are honoured to be a part of this project.

We’ll be announcing the recipients on our Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow us – @halcyonmaguk

Massive thank you to @umbrellaldn @mostwantedwines @fabrixcap for matching the funding commitment ✨


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