Bluesforthehorn – One to Watch!

Bluesforthehorn is a British R&B artist from East London. She is a singer-songwriter and is also passionate about ending gender-based violence and extremism. Her debut single Summertime Fall was played on BBC 1Xtra by renowned DJ Jamz Supernova – something upcoming artists can only dream of. Her dreamy, melodic tone over timeless R&B beats is something that clearly resonated with listeners and critics alike. Now she has released her second single Insecurities from her upcoming EP Finna Touch a Beach. We caught up with her to learn more…
How did you come up with your artist name?
It was influenced by a song that K’naan wrote – Blues For The Horn. Yeah he was famous for that song ‘Waving Flag’ from the FIFA World Cup 2010. Bluesforthehorn was my social media handle and then when I took this music thing more seriously a couple years back – I decided that this would be my name. People already started knowing me for it so I thought I might as well keep it. It’s pretty fitting too, ‘blues’ – referring to the genre rhythm and blues and ‘for the horn’ – referring to the horn of Africa, which is also known as Somalia.

How would you describe your sound and what inspires your music? 

90s Rnb. I’m a old soul. I love replicating sounds of the past.

Life. My music is shaped by experience. Most songs I’ve written have been shaped by my environment, friends, their relationships.


Can you remember the first song you wrote? What was it like?
HAHA – Jeans Jacket! It was about the love of jeans. LOOOOOL I’m ngl it was a banger.
My first ‘professional’ song I wrote was… damn I can’t remember.
Any advice for upcoming artists? (Performance wise, selling your music, spotify, getting signed/going indie etc)
I remember considering getting signed around college times so I was like 18/19 ish. I wore a headscarf back then – and I remember this independent label (will not be named) told me I had ‘serious talent but, if I needed to make it in this industry I would have to remove my hijab’ – that was something I would have never done.
Ironically, I am not a hijab wearer now but I realised that I would never let – anyone police me especially my image. I want to have full agency. That’s what I would say to the upcoming artist – don’t compromise.
Getting signed is not that deep – focus on the music and the love of it first! Everything will happen eventually.
Where do you see yourself in five years time/ what can fans expect?
InshaAllah im still alive !!!
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