Here Comes Alia

Meet Alia Soraya Feizal, a 22 year old Malaysian fashion photography student at London College of Fashion. Her unique photography style is a breath of fresh air, causing us to stare at the subject in awe. She spoke to us about her latest series…
Without sounding like like a cliche mess, photography is by far something that I really am passionate about. I always wanted to be able to paint, write well, play an instrument, but unfortunately, my talent lies in visuals. Fortunately, I get to do this for a living and get a degree in it. With visuals, I visualise everything I’d like to do in a painting, in an essay and music. I strongly believe that every photographer should be able to connect with the subject in the photo and that’s what I want to be known for – the connectivity between photos, strangers and me.
My latest photographic series comes in three distinct themes. The relation that these three themes have would be a reciprocal friendship, appreciation and more:
1. Here Comes The Twin Power –  I have always been intrigued by the nature of twins, and how by divine conception, how a person may have an identical copy of themselves, sharing an enigmatic tether that keeps them both held together in their lives. And some people are born with doppelgangers, born apart but destined to come upon one another! In this series of photographs, I have brought together pairs of twins, may they be legitimate twins or just people in my life who happen to share an uncanny similarity with one another, to delve into this unique bond that they share.
_DSC1998 (1)
2. Friends From Decades: This is a series that I have curated based on the prevailing impression that me and my friends were all to some extent, born in the wrong decade. So through these collections of photographs, I intend to create a sense of an alternate reality, and reimagine some of my closest friends in periods of history and culture that I feel best suits their ambitions, goals, and personality! From fabled Grecian myth to the mascara laced eighties, there’s a little bit of everything in here, telling stories that are distinctively unique to those I hold close to heart.
( in collaboration with @hammadart and @thezulvanny_stylist )
YIN-YANG – In Malaysia, there is a colloquialism that we use to term interracial couples, or couples with distinctively contrasting complexions; “soya cincau”. In this series, I hope to be able to depict the intimacy that is seen in these unions, especially in their complementary nature, their symbiosis, and also their independence as individuals who happen to be wildly enamored with each other. I hope to be able to celebrate this dynamic in these photos.
( in collaboration with @zulvanny_stylist @shariffahhafizah @fatihinfaizur )
You can see more of Alia’s photos on her Instagram page @aliaonphotographs

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