Travelling Burka

Mahnoor Malik is a documentary and travel photographer originally from Washington DC. Being a first-generation Pakistani-American her work draws on similarities across cultures that people often fail to notice. Her photos have been featured in international publications including Tribune Magazine (the New York Times).
Mahnoor Malik’s ongoing “Travelling Burka” series aims to break the stigma that is being associated with muslims and other minorities not only in the United States , but the rest of the world. By creating androgynous images of both men and women wearing burkas, she would like to portray the importance in breaking stereotypes. Not all refugees, immigrants, people from other ethnicities or religions should be considered a danger just because they seem different.
In particular, she would like to bring to light the travel ban, or, ‘Muslim Ban’, that was carried out last year in the United States and shed light on how this has created a sense of fear among the public. By creating images that clearly seem out of context , she hopes to highlight the notion, “We don’t all look like this”. We aren’t some obscure genre. We are people and we are Americans. Take a look at her beautiful images below:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


You can see more of her work on her website –  and follow her on Instagram @mh_malik and Facebook. 

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