New Year, Same You

by Yasmin Ali

The new year always brings a sense of optimism, a sense of renewal. However, the new year also brings the pressure of changing who you are. Is that really the best way to start another year of your life?

The saying ‘new year, new me’ is often the concluding sentence in social media posts reviewing the previous year. The idea of having a clean slate on January 1st is exciting but unrealistic. Your past experiences are still there, the people you have known are still there, the memories are still there. Life doesn’t just end and start again, it is continuous.

So instead of trying to suddenly change yourself, look back at 2016 in a different light. Grow and evolve from your past, look at the things that have made you who you are today. And most importantly, don’t dismiss who you are. Strive to improve not change and love yourself always.

Happy New Year.

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