Halcyon is a creative space aimed at empowering Muslim women. The representation of Muslim women in the mainstream media is often unfair and untrue. It’s time we took back our narrative.

This sort of platform is something I needed when I was growing up and it’s definitely something Muslim women want and need today. The reason I created Halcyon is because I was frustrated with the contorted images of Muslim women, and Muslims in general, by tabloids and magazines. My identity was being labelled, questioned and misunderstood. I wanted to reclaim my own narrative and improve the general discourse surrounding Muslim women.

So far, Halcyon has been a humble website with a range of articles, interviews and opinion pieces. We have had amazing women sharing their stories and the support from readers on social media has been incredible. We have also run offline events which have seen people from all walks of life come together as one.


We hope to reach an even wider audience to find and share great stories. We accept content for the website all year around. Here are some guidelines:

  • We accept articles, essays, opinion pieces, photography, art and creative writing.
  • Topics we are particularly interested in focus around identity/breaking stereotypes but please don’t confine yourself. We will read and consider everything that is sent our way and will aim to provide detailed feedback where possible.
  • Be as creative and innovate as you can!
  • Submissions will only be considered if they are sent via email NOT via social media.
  • Email – hello@halcyonmaguk.com
  • Keep up to date via our social media platforms – @halcyonmaguk 

We can’t wait to see what comes from this and we hope you enjoy the journey with us!

Yasmin Ali


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